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What is Subclass 489 Visa?

Australia Subclass 489 Visa

The Subclass 489 visa, also known as the Skilled Regional Visa, is a temporary visa that allows skilled workers or migrants to live and work in Australia. However, it should be noted that this visa category has been closed by the government and replaced by the Subclass 491 visa (Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa) as of November 16, 2019. The Subclass 489 visa was specifically designed for applicants with specific skills.

  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Experience

These factors have to be in demand in specified regional areas/territories or some specific states of Australia.

Eligibility requirements of the Subclass 489 Visa

To meet the eligibility requirements for the Subclass 489 Provisional Visa in Australia, you must:

  • Be under 44 years of age
  • Have relevant work experience in a nominated occupation on the eligible Skilled Occupation list
  • Score a minimum of 65 points on the Australia Points Test System
  • Obtain a positive skills assessment from a relevant authority
  • Meet state or territory requirements
  • Have the required level of English proficiency as per IELTS.
  • Submitting an Expression of Interest
  • Having an application for State Sponsorship
  • Meeting minimum health and character requirements and obtaining a positive Police Clearance Report
  • Living in a sponsoring regional area or state for 2 years after the visa is issued

It's worth noting that this visa is a four-year provisional visa and to be eligible to apply for Australia permanent residency Visa, you must have lived in a regional area for at least two years and worked full-time (minimum 35 hours a week) for at least 12 months.

Application Process for the Subclass 489 Visa

Once you receive an invitation, you will have a 60-day window to apply for your Subclass 489 Provisional Visa. This text provides a step-by-step guide to assist you in understanding the application process.

To apply for your Subclass 489 Provisional Visa, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Skill Select account
  • Press the 'Apply for Visa' button
  • Create an ImmiAccount (note: the username and password should be different from your Skill Select account)
  • Fill in the required fields and attach scanned copies of necessary documents
  • Pay the visa application fee and make note of the Transaction Reference Number
  • Submit the visa application, and keep an eye on your email for any updates. Note that once the application is submitted, you will not be able to check the status of your application.

Cost involved in the Subclass 489 Visa

The cost of the Subclass 489 visa varies depending on the pathway the applicant has chosen. The chart provided outlines the cost for each pathway. However, it's important to note that this chart only includes flat rates and additional costs may apply for health assessments, biometrics, and police certification. To get a more accurate estimate of the cost for different types of Australian visas, you can use the Visa Pricing Estimator.

Types of Visa Application


Invited Pathway

AUD 4,115

Extended Pathway

AUD 360

Subsequent Entry Pathway

·         AUD 360 when the family member is an extended stay pathway applicant 

·         AUD 4,115 if the family member is an invited pathway applicant.

Processing Time for the Subclass 489 Visa

The Subclass 489 visa, also known as the Skilled Regional Provisional Visa, is a temporary visa that allows skilled professionals to live and work in Australia. It offers three pathways that enable temporary visa holders to obtain permanent residence in Australia for up to four years through state/territory/family sponsorship.

The Subclass 489 visa has three pathways to obtain permanent residence in Australia, each with its own approximate processing time:

  • Invited Pathway (nominated by state/territory/eligible relative): 75% of applications take 19 months, while 90% take around 24 months. This includes time for Territory/State Nomination and Family-Sponsored streams.
  • Extended Stay Pathway (holders of subclass 475, 495, 487, or 496 visa): There is no standard processing time for this pathway.
  • Subsequent Entry Pathway (applicant's eligible relative living in Australia and holding 489, 475, 495, 487 or 496 visa): This type of visa application does not have a standard processing time.

Eligibility Points Calculator

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Steps to apply for the express entry program

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Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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