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Unlock Your Canadian Dream: Immigrate to Canada Express Entry


Are you planning to relocate to Canada soon and get a Permanent Residency (PR)? Canada’s ProvincialNominee Program (PNP) is an approachable way to settle in this North American Country. The PNP allows Canadian provinces and territories to recommend people for PR. Although the PNP program is distinct from the Express Entry program, it grants applicants who hold a select PNP 600 more Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points when they enlist in the Express Entry pool. Some PNP programs send Letters of Interest (LoIs) to applicants having CRS scores below 400 too. Best Migration Consultant can step in to let you avail this major opportunity to migrate to the world’s second-largest country by area with our committed support for visas and immigration.


Canada created PNP to appeal to skilled talent from across the world to its provinces that face talent shortages. Numerous applicants have successfully migrated and settled in Canada for good via the PNP program. Some of the top provinces of Canada that candidates chose to apply to as per this program are Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta.


Professionals who have experience in finance, technology, marketing, healthcare, or education and who want to apply under the PNP program can explore their options now.


You need to apply under the PNP program to relocate to Canada by living in one of its provinces, contributing to its development, and becoming a PR of Canada.


The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Options

There are two ways of filing for an application with the PNP program:

1. Paper-based process

2. Through Express Entry


Paper-based process:

The first step involves applying to the province/territory for nomination without opting for the Express Entry stream. Suppose you fulfil the eligibility criteria and qualify through the different in-demand Occupation Lists of certain provinces. In that case, you will obtain a nomination from the province where your occupation is listed, allowing you to apply for a PR visa in Canada.


At this stage, you will have to submit a paper application to obtain your PR visa. The time to process for PNPs is generally longer than for the Express Entry system.


Canada Express Entry System:

There are two ways to apply for this:

You can apply for a nomination by getting in touch with the province/territory and applying under the Express Entry stream.

If the province or territory wishes to nominate you, you can then initiate the process of creating an Express Entry profile. If you already have a profile, update it.

Another way is to create an Express Entry profile and mention the provinces/territories you would like to settle in. If you get a ‘notification of interest’ from the province, you can get in touch with them to apply to them via the Express Entry system.

In any case, you need to meet the eligibility criteria for your application to be successful.


IRCC held 10 Express Entry Draws in 2023 and issued 41,059 ITAs. The details of the Canada Express Entry Draws in 2023 are given below:  

Express Entry Draws in 2023
Total draws: 15
Total ITAs issued till date: 59,548
Draw No.Date of DrawType of DrawITAs issued CRS cut-off
June 28, 2023
Healthcare occupations (2023-1)1
June 27, 2023
No Program Specified
June 8, 2023
No Program Specified
May 24, 2023
No Program Specified
May 10, 2023
Provincial Nominee Program
April 26, 2023
All Program draw
#246April 12, 2023All Program Draw3500486
#245March 29, 2023All Program Draw7000481
#244March 23, 2023All Program Draw7000484
#243March 15, 2023All Program Draw7000491
#242March 1, 2023Provincial Nominee Program667748
#241February 15, 2023Provincial Nominee Program699791
#240February 2, 2023Federal Skilled Worker3300489
#239February 1, 2023Provincial Nominee Program893733
#238January 18, 2023No Program Specified5500490
#237January 11, 2023No Program Specified5500507

Steps involved in PNP application to apply for PR visa:

1. Apply to the province/territory where you would like to settle.

2. If your profile fulfills the eligibility conditions, you have the option to get nominated by the

province/territory where you can apply for a PR visa.

3. Apply for a PR visa after a province nominates you.

The guidelines for assessing the PR application vary from one province to another.


Applicants for the PNP program in Canada must present the following documents:

  • Existing passport and past travel records
  • Educational qualifications
  • Professional qualifications
  • Latest health reports
  • Good character certificate from your nearest police station
  • Other relevant documents
All PNP draws in 2023
Total no. of candidates: 46,225
Total draws: 106
MonthProvinceNo. of draws No. of candidates
Alberta 5 479
BC 4 717
Manitoba 3 1716
Ontario 3 3177
PEI 3 309
Quebec 1 1006
Saskatchewan 1 500
BC 5 854
Manitoba 2 1065
Ontario 5 6890
Quebec 1 802
Saskatchewan 2 2076
PEI 2 280
Alberta 4 405
BC 4 678
Manitoba 3 1631
Ontario 5 1184
Quebec 1 1020
Saskatchewan 1 1067
PEI 1 189
New Brunswick1144
British Columbia4909
British Columbia51,122

Features of the Provincial Nominee Program:

Canada offers around 80 PNPs, all of which have their individual eligibility requirements. The Canada PNP program

allows provinces/territories to meet their distinct immigration requirements by enabling them to fill job vacancies that are sought-after and meet their workforce shortages.

Most PNPs will give preference to applicants who have connections in the provinces. They could have either worked there or studied there earlier. Even if they have a job offer from an employer in that province, they are preferred.

With a provincial nomination, you can get a PR visa in two ways. Firstly, it adds 600 CRS points to

your Express Entry application, making you eligible for applying for a PR visa directly to Immigration,

Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Eligibility Points Calculator

Calculate your CRS score

Check out
Express Entry Draws

Total IRCC draws - 2

Total ITAs - 1,568

Note. PNP nomination=600 CRS points

Draw No. Invited. CRS cut-off. ITAs issued.
#225 PNP candidates 752 636
#224 PNP candidates 796 932

Steps to apply for the express entry program

canada-express-entry has one of the world's most forward thinking immigration programs. There are multiple programs by which one can apply ot migrate to canada-express-entry.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 5:
How can BMC help you?

How can BMC help you?

can help ?

Best Migration Consultant is the best immigration consultant for serious applicants looking for Canada immigration. Our thorough process and end-to-end support ensure you take the right action at every step. We help you with:

  • Evaluating your PR eligibility with the immigration points calculator for free
  • Education Assessment
  • Guidance on key requirements
  • Filing of an online application form to create a profile for Invitation
  • IELTS coaching
  • Free counseling to assist you in all the procedures
  • Expert assistance in overseas job search services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Express Entry is a pathway through which Canada includes immigrants to its population to tackle the deficiency of human resources in the nation’s workforce.

The Express Entry was brought into effect on January 1, 2015. After seven years of implementation, it has become an effective means to integrate immigrants who want to realize their Canadian dream. It is the country’s massive immigration program among more than 80 immigration programs in the nation.

Canada has included 310,465 economic immigrants through Express Entry since its inception.

Before the Express Entry pathway was launched, the applications for permanent residency were processed using the FSWC or Federal Skilled Worker Class, FSTC or Federal Skilled Trades Class, and CEC or Canadian Experience Class. The applications were processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The program of Canada Express Entry Program functions on a points-based practice. This practice is used for categorizing applicants seeking residency in Canada. The points are given to applicants according to their experience, skills, employment status in Canada, and nominations in provinces or territories.

The more are your points, the more are the chances of getting an ITA or invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada. The points are awarded to applicants based on the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System.

Each draw of Express Entry has a cutoff score. The applicants with CRS points equal to, or more than the cutoff score receive an ITA. If more than one applicant has an equal score equal to the cutoff score, the one who has been long in the Express Entry pool will be issued an ITA.

Application for Canada PR through Express Entry program:

Step 1: Create your Express Entry profile

After checking if you are eligible for a PR visa, in the first step, you will have to create your online Express Entry profile. The profile should include credentials that include age, work experience, education, language skills, etc.

Step 2: Complete your ECA

If you have done your education outside Canada, you should complete an Educational Credentials Assessment or ECA. This is to prove that your educational qualifications are equal to those awarded by the Canadian educational system.

Step 3: Complete your language ability tests

As the next step in the Express Entry program, you should take the required English language proficiency tests. The recommendation is a score of 6 bands in IELTS. Your test score should be less than 2 years old at the time of application.

 Step 4: Calculate your CRS score

The profiles in the Express Entry pool are ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Factors such as age, work experience, adaptability, etc. determine your CRS score. Your profile gets included in the Express Entry pool if you have the required CRS score.

 Step 5: Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If your profile gets selected from the Express Entry pool, provided you have the minimum score for the Express Entry draw. After this, you will get an ITA from the Canadian government after which you can start the documentation for your PR visa.

Express Entry-A popular pathway for Canada PR:

Express Entry was launched on January 1, 2015 and today, five years after its creation, it has become the main gateway for foreign nationals wishing to fulfill their Canadian dream and is the country’s largest immigration program among the 80 plus immigration programs in the country. Canada has welcomed 310,465 economic immigrants via Express Entry since its launch.

Before the Express Entry Scheme was launched, permanent residency applications were processed using the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC), Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The applications were processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Under the old approach, applications were reviewed and if they met the criteria for permanent residence, applicants were given a PR visa. However, things changed with the introduction of the Express Entry System, candidates for the FSWC, FSTC and CEC programs and even a part of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are now ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS.

The Canada Express Entry Program follows a points-based system for classifying applicants seeking to settle in Canada. Points are given to applicants based on skills, experience, Canadian employment status and provincial/territorial nomination. The higher your points, the greater are the chances of getting an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada. The points are awarded to clients based on a Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS.

Every Express Entry draw has a minimum cutoff score. Those applicants with a CRS score equal or above the cutoff score will receive an ITA. If more than one candidate has a score equal to the cutoff score, the one with a long presence in the Express Entry pool will receive an ITA.

The CRS score has four important factors. Your profile will be given a score based on these factors.