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International Experience Canada program

The International Experience Canada program is designed for individuals who wish to travel to Canada and work there during their trip. One of the visa options under IEC is the Working Holiday Visa, which is available to citizens of 34 countries that have a Youth Mobility Arrangement with Canada. This visa is an open work permit that is valid for a period of 12 to 24 months, depending on the holder's country of origin. It is ideal for young travelers who wish to work part-time while exploring Canada. It is especially useful for those who have not yet settled in a career and wish to gain international experiences. With a Working Holiday Visa, you can earn money to fund your travels and stay in Canada. It is also a great option for anyone looking to gain Canadian work experience, as it can improve your career prospects and expose you to diverse cultural backgrounds in Canada.

Citizens from the following countries are eligible for applying Working Holiday Visa:





Czech Republic

New Zealand



Hong Kong





The UK













Costa Rica





San Marino






Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to participate in the International Experience Canada program and apply for a work permit, your country of citizenship must have a agreement with Canada, either through an agreement or through a Recognized Organization (RO). Additionally, you must meet the specific requirements of your country of citizenship as well as the pool you are applying for. Some countries have a limitation on the number of times a citizen can participate in the program, either once or twice. It is important to check the specific participation rules for your country of citizenship. Additionally, you are limited to participate only as many times as allowed by your country of citizenship, even if you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

It is important to note that dependents, such as a spouse or children, cannot accompany you to Canada under the International Experience Canada program. They may be able to apply separately for a study visa or visitor visa. Additionally, due to travel restrictions currently in place in Canada, candidates applying for a Working Holiday Visa must demonstrate that they have a valid job offer in order to receive an Invitation to Apply for the 2021 season. However, a Working Holiday Visa allows you to work temporarily in Canada to fund your trip. You are able to work for multiple employers and in various locations within Canada.

Procedure to apply for Canada Working Holiday Visa

In order to apply for a Working Holiday Visa through the International Experience Canada program, it is mandatory to first receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Once you accept the ITA, you have 20 days to submit your application for the Working Holiday Visa. The process involves four steps:

Step 1: Completing an online application form including providing information about your job offer

Step 2: Collecting and submitting all required documents such as proof of financial support, medical examination results, health insurance, police certificate, CV/resume, valid passport, digital photo, and Family Information (IMM 5707) form

Step 3: Paying the fees which includes IEC participation fee, Biometric fee, and Open Work Permit holder fee

Step 4: Submitting the completed application. 

For young professionals seeking to broaden their horizons and gain international exposure, Canada offers a golden opportunity through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. Designed to foster cultural exchange and professional growth, the IEC program enables individuals from participating countries to work and live in Canada temporarily. Whether you're eager to kickstart your career, enhance your skills through an international co-op internship, or experience the unique Canadian lifestyle, the IEC program provides a remarkable pathway to achieve your goals.

The IEC program encompasses various categories, including work permits for post-secondary graduates and internship opportunities for students. The process of applying for a work permit under the IEC program is streamlined, making it accessible and efficient for qualified candidates. Participating countries worldwide collaborate with Canada to facilitate this program, encouraging cross-cultural experiences and knowledge sharing. So, if you dream of immersing yourself in Canada's vibrant work culture, embracing its natural beauty, and forging lifelong connections, the IEC program awaits your adventurous spirit. Seize this chance to work in Canada, open new doors of opportunity, and make unforgettable memories while enriching your personal and professional life.

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