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Canada Global Skill Startegy Visa


The companies of Canada when wanting to employ the top skilled international workers look for a quick and comprehensive procedure to attain it. To overcome any hindrances, the GSS or Global Skills Strategy Work Permit was launched to help all categories of employers to look for such skilled personnel more efficiently. It uses an approach to integrate methods that process applications more efficiently, consider work permit waivers, and offer better services for customers.

International professionals who qualify for the particular processing according to priority are required to fulfill other acceptability and eligibility criteria. It might also consist of submitting police verification certificates, if necessary. Suitable candidates are required to submit all the mandatory documents along with their application.

If the candidate fails to submit the required documents, they will be ineligible for the global skills strategy processing time of two weeks.


Canada has a broad range of talented and capable human resources. Despite this, the candidates face, at times, the requirement to hire skilled workers from other countries in the world to boost their growth. This is where the Canada GSS visa steps in.


LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment of Canada exempts qualified professionals from the two-week processing of their application for the work permit if they meet all the criteria:


These are the criteria needed to be eligible for LMIA:

  •          Criteria for candidates applying from outside Canada:

o   Their job role is either categorized in skill level A (professional) or skill type 0 (managerial) in the NOC or National Occupational Classification.

o   It will be effective from November 16, 2022. It has been revised as NOC 2021 TEER or Training, Education, Experience, and Requirements.

o   0 will be NOC 2016 skill type 0 whereas NOC skill level A will be changed to TEER 1

o   The candidates should use the NOC 2021 levels for any employment opportunity submitted on or after November 16, 2022.

o   The employer has offered an employment opportunity via the Employer Portal and has paid the fee for employer conformity.

o   Candidates of International Experience Canada are ineligible for the 2 week processing time.


The candidates who require an LMIA are eligible for the two-week processing time, provided they meet all the aforementioned requirements should follow these procedures to be successfully issued a Global Skills Strategy Visa:

  •     They are applying from outside of Canada:

The employer has a positive report in LMIA through the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. It is notified by the decision letter of LMIA.


The spouse or common-law partner of professionals and their dependant wards qualify for a two-week processing time of applications. This is required for the following applications:

  •          Visitor visa
  •         Work permit
  •         Study permit

Spouses or common-law partners and dependents are required to submit a duly filled application and applied at the same time as the professional.


When the application is submitted from outside Canada, it needs to have the following documents:

  •          Duly filled application form
  •         An examination of health (if required)
  •          The candidates are required to have a health examination conducted and schedule it before submitting their application so that it can be included in the application.
  •          Clearance certificates authorized by the Police (The requirements are to be verified at the local visa office)
  •          Valid translations of documents that are neither in French nor in English
  •          Processing Fee
  •          The biometrics results need to be submitted within two weeks of the submission of the application (if required)
  •          Requirements by the Local Visa Office

Most of the visa offices located abroad have exact instructions that a candidate has to follow. The requirements need to be confirmed with the local visa office to ensure all required documents have been submitted with the application.


The process that needs to be followed while applying for the GSS Visa is given below:

Step 1: Go to the work permit application

Step 2: Click on "Apply online"

Step 3: Select the territory or country where the candidate is applying from

Step 4: Download the requirements of the visa office of the specific country from the list of documents.

Step 5: To be eligible for the two-week processing, the candidate is required to include valid translations of documents that are neither in French nor English, though, the visa office requirements state that they register applications in other languages.

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Steps to apply for the express entry program

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Frequently Asked Questions

The GSS or Global Skills Strategy Work Permit is a program by the federal government of Canada to boost the eligible businesses of Canada's access to highly skilled international professionals from across the globe. The OINP or Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is the nominated referral partner of the GSS.

No, not all the applications for Global Skills Strategy Work Permit are processed in under two weeks. Approximately 80% of the applications are processed within 2 weeks.

The processing times of GSS applications are affected by these factors:

  •       The count of applications received during the COVID-19 travel and health restrictions were implemented.
  •       Increase in the number of applications as the travel and health restrictions are lifted in Canada and across the world

It will take approximately more than two weeks to process the GSS application. 

Yes. To get the two-week processing time, you are required to check your eligibility criteria and:

  •          Confirm “Yes” when questioned about receiving a written offer from the Canadian employer
  •          Select “a work permit with an LMIA” when asked what sort of work permit you are applying for
  •          Confirm “Yes” when questioned about your employer LMIA being issued through the “Global Talent Stream”
  •          Apply online if you are not staying in Canada

Requirements by Local Visa Office

Many of the visa offices in Canada across the world have particular instructions that the professional needs to comply with. Confirm with the local visa office about the requirements you need to meet to ensure you submit all the mandatory documents along with the application package.

Examples of required documents that might change based on where you are applying from:

  •         Certificates authorized by Police
  •        .Biometrics

Ensure that your application is duly filled out. In case, a required document is not submitted, your application may be refused or delayed.