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Germany Business Visa

If you want to visit Germany for business purposes, then you will need to apply for a business visa. With this visa a businessman can visit Germany for business purposes such as corporate meetings, employment or partnership meetings.


You will have to apply for a short-stay visa which allows you to stay in Germany for 90 days. The short-stay visa is also known as the Schengen visa. This visa is valid in all the European countries which are part of the Schengen agreement.


To apply for a Germany Business Visa, you need the following documentation:

  • Valid passport with at least three months' validity

  • 2 passport size photos

  • Completed visa application form

  • Proof of having financial resources to pay for your return trip and stay in Germany

  • Travel insurance policy with a value of 30,000 pounds

  • Covering letter from your company in case you are traveling to Germany on behalf of their business

  • Invitation letter from the company you will be visiting with details of their address and dates of your visit

  • A certificate from your employer giving permission for your business travel and a Power of attorney from your company giving you full authority

  • Proof of previous trade relations between the two companies

  • Bank statement of the company for the last 3 months

  • Income tax returns for the last three years

  • The company must give a declaration for coverage of expenses on the letter or invitation

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of civil status

You can apply for a visa up to three weeks before your trip and up to six months before your vacation. Your application should be sent to the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country.


You can stay for a maximum period of 90 days in Germany or any other country in the Schengen region with a business visa. It will take 10 to 15 days for your visa application to be processed, so apply at least three weeks before your trip. Your application may be postponed or delayed owing to your specific scenario if the embassy receives a high number of applications at the same time.

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Germany Business Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for self-employment opportunities in the country, you need to apply for a residence permit and permission to start your business. A self-employment visa is required if you are coming to Germany temporarily and for business purposes.

Before approving your visa, the authorities will check the feasibility of your business idea, review your business plan, and your previous experience in the business.

They will check if you have the capital to start your business and if your company has the potential to meet economic or regional needs in Germany. And your business should be beneficial to the German economy.

Till recently, you could move to Germany without a job with a job seeker visa. This visa gave you six months to stay in Germany and look for a job failing which you had to return to your home country.

However, with the Skilled Workers Immigration Act coming into force, the possibilities for the immigration of skilled workers from non-academic or vocational training from many non-EU countries can migrate to Germany for work.

There is also certain relaxations in the existing rules regarding the conditions for qualified professionals with university degrees.

From March 2020, professionals with a vocational training qualification can also go to Germany for looking for a job. The pre-condition, in this case, is that the foreign qualification must be recognized by the corresponding body in Germany.

Also, the person must have funds for supporting himself during the entire duration of stay. They must also have necessary skills in the German language – usually B-1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

A prominent change to be introduced by the Skilled Workers Immigration Act is that during the time spent in Germany for job-hunting, you will also be allowed to work on a trial basis. You can work for a maximum of 10 hours per week on a trial basis while in Germany on a job seeker visa.

Before the Skilled Workers Immigration Act came into force, you could only look for a job on a job seeker visa. You were not allowed to take up any work as such.

Starting your own business

You can move to Germany without a job if you intend to start your own business. You will need to apply for a residence permit and permission to start your business. You will need a self-employment visa if you are coming to Germany temporarily and for business purposes.

Before approving your visa, the authorities will check the feasibility of your business idea, review your business plan and your previous experience in business.

They will check if you have the capital to start your business and if your business has the potential to meet economic or regional needs in Germany. If your business is successful you can get unlimited extension for your residence permit.

Teaching or research Assistants at the university

These jobs are open to research scholars and you can get a decent pay for them. In this job you will help professors in marking copies, prepare research work or give tutorials. You can even work in the library. But to get these jobs you must apply well ahead. These jobs are notified on the university notice board. The working hours and wages are far better for university jobs.

Waiters at café’s, bars, etc.

This is a popular option among students for many reasons. It gives students an opportunity to meet new people and interact with the local population. Apart from the salary, they can earn good tips too.

Office Assistant

Your primary responsibilities will be to answer the phone, provide information to the company’s customers or partners, among other administrative duties.

Retail store assistant

Your role will involve assisting customers with details and choosing the right product they are looking for. t Strong communication skills would be helpful for you.


This job might be the right match for you if you like kids and have at least a bit of experience working with them.  This job is well paying.

Call center officer

You will have to answer the phone, evaluate and handle client requests or grievances. You have to be polite and diplomatic, and you have to have interpersonal abilities. A strong understanding of German is also a must, and you can make your own schedule most of the time.

 Field interviewer

Some businesses or organizations often require data collectors who have to ask consumers about their opinions on goods or services, which would inevitably lead to a survey.

English Tutors

International students can make use of opportunities to teach English to German students. These jobs offer a decent pay, but you should be proficient in the English language.

Industrial Production Assistants

This is a good option for students looking for jobs that offer significant experience and is related to what they are studying. These jobs are well-paying and could help you find a career in Germany post the completion of your course. These jobs are advertised in local newspapers.