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UK Visit Visa

Take a holiday or visit your friends and relatives in Britain with a UK visit visa. Known also as the Standard Visit Visa, it is used by thousands of visitors who travel to the UK. Best Migration Consultant (BMC) can aid you in submitting documents and application forms and up your chances of getting the visa.

UK Visit Visa – An Overview

  • The UK visit visa is known officially as the UK Standard Visitor Visa.

  • If you need a visa before visiting the UK (subject to your nationality), apply for the Standard Visitor visa online before travel.

  • You can apply a maximum of three months before the date of your planned travel to the UK. Cost of a Standard Visitor is £100 for a period of six months.

  • Usually, you can stay in the UK for a maximum of six months as a visitor. You could apply for a longer stay under specific conditions 

  • A long-term visit (multiple entry) visa for the UK lets you visit multiple times in six months at a time during a period of two, five, or ten years.


Apply for the UK visit visa online with an appointment at UK High Commission/Deputy High Commission, where you will submit documents. The time to process is around three to four weeks. After the visa is granted, you can stay in the UK for up to six months. The UK visit visa can be used:

  • To visit friends and relatives in the UK

  • To holiday and tour the UK

  • For medical treatment in the UK 

  • Other non-business activities


The documents needed for the visit visa to the UK include:

  • Personal information (name, age, and educational qualifications)

  • Complete financial details

  • Travel itinerary 

  • Travel history in the past ten years

  • Evidence that you can sustain yourself during the stay 

  • Evidence that you can pay for air travel to and from Britain

  • Evidence that you will exit the UK after your visit ends


Apply for the visa a minimum of three months before your expected date of travel.


Although you can stay for a maximum of six months on this visa, you can prolong your stay if you are in the UK for medical treatment by paying extra charges.

 You can also prolong your UK stay if you attend an academic course i.e Study in UK.


If you want to visit the UK for a longer duration, apply for the long-term Standard Visitor visa for a period of two, five, or ten years. On every visit, you can stay for up to six months continuously.  

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Steps to apply for the express entry program

uk-visit has one of the world's most forward thinking immigration programs. There are multiple programs by which one can apply ot migrate to uk-visit.

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can help ?

BMC is a renowned visa and immigration company. Our knowledge and experience in the UK immigration processes make us your best choice to apply for a visa. Our team will aid you:
  • By providing immigration documents, guidelines

  • Finish application processing

  • Submission of forms, documents, and filing of application forms

  • Keeps you abreast & follows up

Touch base with a BMC visa consultant to get on track with your process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the UK is issuing visitor visas. Contact any UK visa application center (VAC) close to you. If your nearest VAC is shut down for certain reasons, you can either apply online or for the visa and biometrics from a VAC in another country.

The earliest you are eligible to apply for a UK visitor visa. 

Usually, the tourist visas to the UK are processed within three weeks after the completion of your appointment at the VAC. During the peak season, the processing time can take up to six weeks.