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US Visit Visa


Are you planning to visit friends or relatives in the US, or for purposes of tourism or medical treatment, you should then apply for the US B2 visa that is issued for a short-term stay in the world’s most prosperous economy for non-business travelers.

US Business or Tourism Visitor Visa Different types of short visit visas for business visitors, sightseers, and engaged persons. Those planning a short visit to the US, either for business or tourism, need to get a US transit or visitor visa. The visa to that has to be applied for will be according to the reason for visiting the US.


For business travelers – • Attending a seminar, conference, trade fair • To meet business associates, • Negotiating contract, or • Cutting a deal.


For holiday makers and others who arrive in the US to participate in non-professional contests or social occasions, or to get treated medically.

Transit C

For foreigners passing through the US to another destination, halting in the US while on their journey onwards.

Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D

For crewmembers of foreign airlines or of sea vessels heading to the US.
In case a person is engaged to a US citizen and is planning to marry and reside in the US, they can get their fiancé (e) to petition on their behalf for a K-1 visa. This visa allows its holders to visit the US to marry their partners within 90 days of their entry into the country. After the wedding, they are permitted to apply for an adjustment of status to obtain a Green Card in the US.


The US B2 is issued for a duration of six months. In certain instances, it is granted as a multiple entry visa for up to 10 years. 

Key points that the B2 visa applicants need to note: 

  • You need to convince officials at a US embassy or consulate that they are not entering the country, intending to settle in that country

  • You must convince them to believe you that you will leave the US by the time the visa expires

  • You need to schedule an appointment to give your biometrics and visa interview

  • Children under 14 and adults above 80 need not attend an interview at the consulate/embassy. Their documents can be submitted on their behalf at the visa application center (VAC)

  • People who are already holding a US visit visa can apply for a renewal by booking an appointment at the VAC and submitting in person their documents 

  • Usually, the time taken to process this visa is two to three days. You can either collect your passport from the VAC or ask them to courier it to you.


The documents you need while applying for the B2 Visa include:

  • A passport

  • Evidence of having sufficient funds to sustain yourself and your family members

  • A letter citing the reasons to visit the US.

  • Sufficient insurance coverage for the stay

  • Details of whom you are staying with and locations

  • Booked flight tickets

  • Economic documents

  • Submit the Form DS-160, also known as the Online Non immigrant Visa Application form

  • Pay the fees for Visa 

  • Schedule the visa interview at the embassy or consulate

  • Complete submitting the B-2 visa documents 

  • Attend the interview for a visa

If you have applied for a US visit visa, you must attend a visa interview. You will be asked why you intend to visit Australia during the interview.

Documents Required For US C1 Transit Visa

  • Completed Online Non immigrant Visa Application form or DS-160 application form.

  • A passport with a minimum of one blank page for affixing the visa.

  • One photograph that meets the requirement that the US authorities stipulate.

  • Receipt of fees paid for a transit visa.

  • Social media account details.

  • Evidence that you are eligible to enter the country of your final destination.

  • Booked ticket to your final destination.

  • A letter indicating the reason for your visit to your final destination.

  • Evidence of having enough funds to sustain yourself during your transit.

  • Evidence of medical health insurance.


1. Submit the Form DS-160, transit visa 

2. Make fees payment for the Visa 

3. Schedule the interview for the transit visa at the embassy or consulate

4. Submit the necessary documents

5. Attend the interview


What are the restrictions of the C1 visa?

There are several restrictions for C1 visa holders. You cannot do the following:

  • Stay in the US for more than the specified time.

  • Try to find employment.

  • Extend the duration of the C1 Visa.

  • Tweak or alter the status of the C1 Visa.

  • Bring dependents.

The C1 visa is valid for a maximum of 29 days or until the departure date from the US, whichever is earlier.


Crewmember or D visa is another non-immigrant visa that the US government issues. This visa is issued exclusively to those employed on commercial sea vessels or international airlines that pass through this North American country. Holders of D visas can stay in the US for not more than 29 days.

Although they can leave the dock or the airport premises during this duration, they must ensure to leave the US within 29 days. 

The time to process this visa varies between three and five days. At times, it, however, may take up to two weeks. 

Individuals who perform the following duties cannot apply for a D visa:

  • Dry dock duties, including repairs when the boat is docked at a port in the US.

  • Inmates of a fishing container with an operating base or home port in the US.

  • Standby coasting officer

  • Workers on a yacht docked in the US for over 29 days

  • Crewmembers on a container heading to the Outer Continental Shelf

US D visa required documents 

  • Completed DS-160 application form.

  • A passport with a minimum of one blank page for affixing the visa.

  • One photograph to meet the requirements specified by the US authorities.

  • Proof of transit visa fees payment.

  • Confirmation page of the interview and its copy

  • Letter detailing your trip’s purpose from your employer

  • Proof that you will not stay in the US beyond the 29 day duration

  • A letter from your employer with the following details:

  • Vessel’s name

  • Time you will pass through the US.

  • Date and port of arrival

  • Date and port of departure

  • Your job designation with the account of your duties

  • Your salary 

  • Copies of your work history from your employer

  • The Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)

  • Your company’s travel authorization 

  • Certificates to confirm your qualifications;

  • Clean criminal records or a letter from authorities indicating that you do not have a criminal record

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Frequently Asked Questions

The application fee for the US visit visa is US$160. 

With a US visit visa (B1 or B2), you are allowed to enter Canada or Mexico for a maximum of 30 days, after which you should re-enter the US within the period specified on the Form I-94, which is issued by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when you first enter either of the two countries.  

US visit visas can be issued for tourism, business, and transiting through the US.